Welcome to my Website! lol

I desperately needed some sort of hobby besdies "lol playing video games and watching TV when I'm not at work" so I followed my friend Ray's advice and decided to make a website on neocities. I very much appreciate how much this is like being on the "old school" internet before the normies took it over >:-{} I'll just be posting random shit on here related to what I like. Also figuring out how to format the different stuff sounds like it'll be cool.

Here's how you can make bold and italic text. Gonna try my own bold and italic text:

I love Lord of the Rings!

I love Star Wars!

Here's how you can add an image:

Here's how to make a list:

This is the first paragraph that I've inserted myself. Below you'll see my first list I've created on here, ranking the Pikmin games: